13 Feb
  • By John R. Nocero

Enjoy the Journey

This week was one of those weeks. I have been battling a cold for the last couple of days. It seems like everyone is sick here in NC. Something is going around. And I caught it. I got home last night and I was like, wow I need to lay down. Right in the middle of yoga, just hit the ground, arms outstretched and it felt great. I lathered up last night in Vicks and a couple sweatshirts so I could sweat this thing out and I woke up this morning and wow, still the same. I got into the hot shower and got amazingly lightheaded, where I had to get out and go lay on my bed. At that moment, I heard my dad’s voice, not like a ghost but what we would have told me if I was feeling the same way and didn’t want to go to school – “Why don’t you just try it? If you feel sick, then come home.” Needless to say, I got my work clothes on, had a small breakfast and now I am sitting at my desk 45 minutes later.”

I am trying to code this week, but that was my focus. Trying to find the code that would make me feel better. What medicine combination would work? Could I get warm enough to get a good night’s sleep? I tried my best to code, but I didn’t get to do much of it. But I am feeling better today and it is on my radar to get to again this week. Somehow sleep has been more beneficial.

The lessons we learn as kids really do stick with us. Feel the fear, do it anyway. Don’t want to go to school because you are sick? Do it anyway. Too hurt to play? You’re not injured play anyway. I am not saying do not listen to your body, because there is a hitch in my giddy up today, but I am just moving a little slower, I am just a little tired but I can get through it. And one thing that Sara has told me was, this is a journey, John. Slow down and enjoy it.

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