What is Coding

Computer Programming

Simply stated, coding is writing directions a computer can understand to make it do what you want. Coding lets us speak to computers using programming languages, these languages are just like the foreign languages you learned in school. They can be as simple as clicking a button or more complex like JavaScript or Python. The great thing about coding and programming languages is that anyone can learn them and we are here to help!

What We Do

Mobile Coding Classes

Code Ladder is a fully insured 501(c)(3) dedicated to giving every student the opportunity to learn to code. We provide under-represented populations with free coding classes and offer low-cost classes to all other schools, groups, and organizations.  What makes us different from everyone else? In addition to engaging teachers and fun lessons, Code Ladder also provides devices.  Our mobile coding classes deliver everything you need, all you have to do is provide the space and be ready to have fun.

At Code Ladder we are passionate about promoting an open learning environment; by using  Open Education PrinciplesOpen Source Software, and other open materials, we work to ensure everyone has equal access to learning. We can’t do this alone, we need your help. Please consider giving your time or money to help give every student the opportunity to learn.

2019 Metrics

Goal: 1500 hours of learning and reach 500 students.

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Students Engaged

Student Diversity

Who We're Helping

With help from our donors we are able to offer FREE classes to these organizations.

We Can't Do This Without You!

Help us expand our FREE outreach programs.

Our first year was amazing with 72 students and 348 hours of learning, in only 5 months!

2019 is going to be even better, but we can’t do it alone.


Give every student the opportunity to learn to code, that’s our goal. We provide underrepresented students with free coding classes to help give them the same opportunities that other students may have.

We can’t do it without YOUR help. Please donate today, help us give every student the same educational opportunities and the chance to learn to code.

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What People Have to Say

We had 100% engagement, you don’t get that with most activities.    ~ Mrs. S, Durham County Schools

I loved the games we got to play! ~ Madison

I loved playing with Sphero, it was fun to do the obstacle course.        ~ Sam

I made a flappy bird game that my friends played. ~ Cam

My daughter was so shy at the beginning of the lesson, by the end she had a huge smile on her face and was proud of what she created. Now all she can talk about is what game she is going to make next.    ~ Stephanie, parent

I had so much fun want to be a computer programmer when I grow up. ~ Neil

Become A Volunteer

Want to help level the playing field for all students in the world of technology learning?  Join our teaching force and help students get a leg up on learning.   Want to help but you aren’t good with computers?  Not a problem!  There are many ways you can help, contact us to find out more.  The more volunteers we have, the more students we reach.  Join us today!


To learn more about a team member, hover over their picture and click their name in the green box.

Sara Teristi

President & Treasurer

Sara Teristi

President & Treasurer

Founder & Executive Director
Sara’s passion for working with children and desire to give all students an equal opportunity to learn is what started Code Ladder.

(919) 439-4418

Neepa Patel

Secretary and Director of Development & Fundraising

Neepa Patel

Secretary and Director of Development & Fundraising

Director of Development & Fundraising

(919) 439-4418

Kathy Hamrick

Board Member and Director of Educations & Development

Kathy Hamrick

Board Member and Director of Educations & Development

Director of Education & Development

(919) 439-4418

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